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11 Remarkable Advantages of Solar Energy

Are you on the fence about adding solar energy? Like anything else, there are solar energy advantages and disadvantages.

We’ll cover the disadvantages of solar energy at a later time, for now, we’re going to discuss the remarkable advantages of solar power. You’ll want to add solar after you read what we have to say!

What Are The Advantages Of Solar Power?

When we were planning to move off-grid, we considered several different alternative energy resources.

Some of our top contenders were wind energy, hydroelectricity, and solar energy.

We ended up purchasing and installing a small solar array and we are very thankful we made that decision.

Our solar is our primary source of energy for our entire homestead and farm. We are not connected to the public utilities for any of our needs.

There are many advantages of adding solar power to your home. Such as convenience, savings, and many more. Read to find out why you should add solar power.

#11 Tax Breaks Are An Advantage Of Solar Energy

If you are opting for a grid-tied system and are interested in using solar as either a backup energy source, or to help reduce your electric bill, you may qualify for some hefty tax breaks.

Government grants and funds have been allocated to renewable energy resources, such as solar.

To take advantage of these solar breaks, contact your local power company and ask to speak to their green energy department. They should be able to inform you of what tax breaks are available for you.

In addition to talking to your current utility company, speak to the solar companies directly. They are the authority in guiding you in the right direction.

#10 Solar Energy Is There When You Need It The Most

People use the most electricity between the hours of 11 am and 4 pm, then another spike later in the evening.

It is during those times that the power companies charge you more per Kwh because that is the highest demand. You pay less for your electrical usage during off-peak hours.

With solar, its peak production time is when your peak electrical demand is.

Solar panels produce the most electricity between the hours of 11 am – 4 pm, right when you need it!

#9 Independence Is An Advantage of Having Solar Energy

I’ll never forget the time when my power was turned off. I just filled my walk-in cooler full of fresh produce and dairy for the farmer’s market that week.

Our daughter was doing her schoolwork online at home. She called and said the power went out. I thought it was just an outage.

Turns out, our electric company decided to send me digital bills instead of paper ones, and I was ONE day late. Mind you, we were with that power company for over 20 years and were NEVER late.

That feeling in my gut where a company could have such a profound affect on my life. My business was in jeopardy, my relationship with my customers.

My daughter’s schooling. Our personal comfort and quality of life. Everything with just one push of a button.

An-advantage-to-adding-solar-power-is-the-freedom-and-independence-it allows-you-to-have.

I hated the control they had over my life. It was then that the burning desire to become electrically independent formed inside of me.

Not only does solar provide us with that independence and freedom, but it also encourages us to not depend on electricity as we did before.

#8 Low Maintenance

Depending on the type of batteries you have, you’ll either have a small monthly task, or a completely hands off system.

We have lead acid batteries that require us to add a little bit of water every 4-6 weeks.

However, if you have lithium batteries, you won’t have monthly maintenance.

The only other maintenance we have to perform is during winter when we scrape the snow off the solar panels. That’s it.

Pretty darn easy for producing our own electricity.

#7 Power Outages

There is never a good time to experience a power outage. None. However, if you have solar, those outages will become a thing of the past.

In fact, last winter, there was a major winter storm and power was out city-wide. Thousands stranded, and without heat or electricity for weeks.

We were oblivious on our mountain top, we didn’t realize there was even an issue until I read about it online. Our solar worked without missing a beat the entire time.

As long as you don’t use all the energy your batteries have, there is no reason you should experience a power outage when the power grid goes down.


#6 You Can Build Anywhere

If you want to build a house and connect to the public grid, you will be restricted as to where you can build.

The power company has to be able to reach your build site to connect your utilities.

When you choose solar power as your electric source, you aren’t limited. You can build in those hard to reach, remote places.

As long as there’s sun there, you can build your home and generate electricity.

#5 You Can Install Yourself

With basic carpentry skills and some electrical skills, you can install your own solar system.

Most solar companies offer customer service that can guide you through installation. They also provide an owners manual that has step-by-step instructions.

In addition to a live customer service agent, they often provide videos to watch if you’re a visual learner like I am.


I don’t say this lightly, for three months I stared at my solar system scratching my head. I read the manual numerous times, but I couldn’t wrap my head around how it worked.

After countless calls with the customer service agent, who patiently walked me through the process and all of the steps, and watching videos, I was able to successfully install my own system.

#4 Solar Energy Advantage Is: It’s Portable

When you connect to the public utilities, it’s pretty much set in stone. You really can’t pick up the power lines and the electric poles and move them to a new location.

One of the advantages of having solar energy is the flexibility to move it. You can literally take it with you if you move.

We haven’t moved so to speak, but we have moved our solar array.

When I first built my house the front porch wasn’t completed; which is where we wanted to install the solar panels.

So I built a temporary frame to mount the panels in the front yard.

Now that the porch is constructed, the panels are moved to the roof. Only took a day of work and I was able to move everything by myself.

Although our move was just several feet, the same principle applies no matter the distance.

#3 Solar Energy Is Renewable

The wonderful advantage about solar is the sun comes up every day. There is never a shortage from the energy we can harvest from the sun.

The sun’s strength, power, and ability to provide for us is never ending. It doesn’t cost anything, and there is an unlimited supply.

You can’t get much better than that.


#2 Environmental Impact

Our carbon footprint is our impact we leave behind on this earth. The result of our actions, our consumption, and our activities.

When you connect to the grid, your power is generated elsewhere and transported to your home.

Regardless of the source, whenever you transport energy, you will suffer some loss in the transfer from the power plant to your home.

Thus wasting time, energy, and resources just in the process of delivery.

However, one of the advantages of solar is having the resource for your energy production right next to your consumption.

Resulting in less loss of energy, and increasing your efficiency.

#1 The Biggest Solar Energy Advantage Is: The Savings

As you can see, there are many advantages to solar energy. But one can argue the best advantage is always the savings.

Our system was slightly over $11,000.00 That’s the package unit plus the cost of our lead acid batteries.

As I mentioned earlier, our electric bill used to average around $400.00 per month.

In just a little past two years of living off-grid, our solar system has paid for itself.

Our system has a life expectancy of 25 years and the batteries of 8 years, longer if we care for them properly.

Using that math, our humble little solar array, will save us over $110,000! Provided the Kwh will stay the same price as it did when we were tied to the grid.

Tell me that isn’t the best advantage to having solar! 


Remarkable Solar Energy Advantages

I honestly want to kick myself in the butt for not moving off-grid and investing in solar decades ago.

To think of all the money I just handed over to the power companies.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to arrive at this lifestyle, at least you’re here now.

The key to really enjoying all the benefits of solar energy is really to learn to not depend on it. That is living.