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The Bradshaw Family

Let me introduce myself, I am Tim and this is my family.

We have grown a little since we moved from the city life in South Carolina to our off-grid homestead in East Tennessee.

There is my wife, Amber, our son Gavin, our daughter Morgan, our youngest daughter, Linden, and the new additions to our off-grid homestead are our new daughter-in-law, Ashlynn (not pictured), and my mother-in-law, Pamela (also not pictured). Together, we are the Bradshaw Family.


I designed this site to share everything that we have learned on our journey towards a more sustainable and self-sufficient lifestyle.

By the grace of God, somehow this former surfer and beach bum has made it work. Without any prior experience or knowledge of this lifestyle, we’ve been able to create a life I’ve always dreamed of but never knew I wanted.

I recently hear that success looks like a person standing on a pile of all their mistakes instead of being buried under them. I’m going to add to that and include a pile of their prayers and supportive community.

Let me share my pile of mistakes with you in your search for success with off-grid living.


The Bradshaw Family